Oil Tank Filler Extension: KTM, Husaberg & Husqvarna models

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What’s the minimum allowable sand level in your engine?

You know when you unscrew your oil filler cap and there’s that disturbing arc of filth where the cap is hemmed in by the oil tank? You unscrew it with surgical precision, try to run a bit of rag or a pipe cleaner around to swoosh it out before lift-off, but there’s always that moment of “Gulp, did some fall in?” Even if you wash your bike to showroom specs after each ride, there are always a few missed chunks.

Crud is not a factory-approved lubricant

The theory is that all dirt gets trapped by the oil filters. But the truth is you do not want any getting in your oil in the first place.

Coming to your lubricational rescue

TripleClamp Moto permanently eliminates this trauma in about 1 minute flat with our new oil filler extension (aka LubeTube). The OFE lifts the oil filler neck up and away from the oil tank. Now there’s nowhere for dirt to collect or get compacted. No more gritty little semicircle of hell. Just give the OFE a big ole wipe before untwisting the lid and you’ve re-established the sacred bond of hygiene with your best friend.

OFE fits these bikes


- 950 Super Enduro R

- 950 SM

- 950 SMR

- 950 SMT

- 690 (all models, all years)

- 250cc to 530cc (2008 and up)

Note: The model year 2008-2011 450s and 530s have separate engine and gearbox oil fillers, both of which have this problem, and both of which are solved by the OFE -- so be sure to order two.


All white, blue & yellow Husqvarna models (KTM era) up to 701.


All 4-strokes from 2009 up

OFE orders ship within 5 business days and include:

- 1 oil filler extension

- 1 oil O-ring

- 2 TripleClamp Moto silicone bands of your color choice (Orange, Blue or Yellow)

- 1 superb TripleClamp Moto sticker

- 1 wee surprise

OFE is an exclusive TripleClamp design well-made in the USA