Heavy Duty Battery Harness to jump start and charge

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With this harness you can charge AND boost (jump start) your motorcycle. This is not your typical battery harness.

Made with heavy duty 10 AWG wire and an inline fuse holder, this cable can withstand high current required to jump start your bike safely with an external source such as a lithium portable battery. It also functions as an ordinary battery SAE style harness to connect any trickle charger or accessories such as heated gear.


  • Ring terminals for direct connection to motorcycle's battery
  • SAE 2pin connector with cap, compatible with majority of battery chargers
  • 10 AWG wires - no one else offers this gauge!
  • Inline water resistant fuse holder
  • 30 amp fuse included (ATO blade fuse)

Use in conjunction with our other product Backup Battery-to-SAE Wire Set to directly connect your emergency battery to your bike without using alligator clips.