Billet Clutch Cover - KTM 950/990 all bike models

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ProductI Info

  • CNC-machined billet aluminum
  • 5.5 mm (0.22") thick face 
  • Lower profile compared to the original cast cover.
  • Fits KTM 950 & 990 engines (all models & years)
  • Hard anodized for maximum scratch resistance 
  • Laser etched details and subtle logo - custom personalized etching available; email us with your request and we will quote it.
  • Replaces KTM part #'s 60030126200, 6003000114423, 60030001044 and 60030001144
  •  Includes a new original KTM o-ring

Gen 2 updates: new lower profile, even thicker material, updated design.

Don’t bleed out.

Hair on fire, every nerve-end spitting adrenaline, you hoon down the trail or a road until the inevitable occurs: A fall. You rise from your crash, physically unscathed.

Your clutch cover, however, has met an unfortunate end, at the hands of a jagged rock. Your beloved steed bleeds out onto the dirt...leaving you hot, dry and desperate. It’s a case of fix it now or abandon the ride and figure out how to limp back home. In desperation, you consider knocking out your riding buddy with the very rock that ended your ride, and stealing his clutch cover as he lays unconscious. But you are a decent human being and banish that thought.

Preventative maintenance you do once

The better scenario is avoidance of that altogether by switching out that thin OEM cast clutch cover now with a super-chunky, yet light, billet CNC hard-anodized hunk of TripleClamp Moto deliciousness. Your friends will be jealous, and you’ll be 10 times more popular with the ladies -- or goats (mainly applies to 950SE owners, high in the mountains with only hooved ones for company).

Shred legendarily

Tough alu combined with the scratch-resistant, hard-anodized finish protects against the shardiest rocks, the graveliest gravel and the grittiest pavement. Designed as direct replacement for the OEM cover, Tripleclamp Moto’s billet clutch cover will protect your engine's internals and keep the oil in.

Guaranteed for life.