ADVocator: KTM 950/990 Adventure Headlight Bracket for Baja Designs LED

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Expected release date: July 2020.

Put a nuclear weapon on your KTM 950/990 ADV

The stock 950/990 ADV incandescent headlight doesn’t light up a trail at night well enough for hardcore (or half-blind) riders. External auxiliary lights help, but still leave you with a weak main headlight. Plus, they tend to get misaligned and broken off during aggressive offroading. After the success of our ErzBURGER retrofit for the 950SE, we turned to creating an equally badass solution for the ADV.


Say good evening to up to 9,500 lumens

The ADVocator lets you retrofit the ultra-penetrating Baja Designs’ XL series dimmable 4-bulb LED offroad lighting pack right into the OEM headlamp housing. Baja Designs truly makes the best, most compact, plug & play lighting package available.


The killer fix for hardcore 950/990 ADV offroaders

This light solution is rated for offroad use only, but the addition of the dimming/dipping mechanism, while not DOT-compliant, will keep you seeing well and well seen, without searing the corneas out of the heads of oncoming drivers.