AXP - HDPE Skid Plate - Fits Ducati Desert X 2022-2023

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This skidplate is made of High Density Polyethylene plastic, it fully covers the engine block until the radiator. The design of an exclusive front fixation will help avoid damage to your cases and will offer an easy way to fit and remove the plate. On the left side, it will protect the water pump without any direct link on the case and with a foam in between.

Why Choose HDPE?

No vibrations, no deformation and no metallic noise from rock impact are some of many advantages that you don’t find with an alloy plate. This material also provides weight savings from 30 to 40% compared to a similar design and thickness in a metal alloy.

WARNING, this unit fits ONLY when used with SW MOTECH crash bars (ref : SBL.22.995.10001/B )

Make Model Year
Ducati Desert X 2022
Ducati Desert X 2023

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