Bridgestone - Battlax BT016 Tire

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High Performance Sport Radials
(Replaces BT-014)
    Ultra-High Performance Radials designed for the aggressive street rider BT016 utilizes a silica enriched compound formulated with technology from Bridgestone’s MotoGP tire development, for strong/tremendous grip in all conditions. Innovative tread design promotes traction, shock absorption, wet performance and noise reduction. Front has a new double compound (3LC) a center compound for longer wear life, and a shoulder compound for higher grip and contact feeling. Rear has a new triple compound (5LC) similar to 3LC with extra high-grip compound for full-lean angles. Front and rear have HTSPC-MSB ( High Tensile Super enetrated Cord – Mono Spiral Belt ) technology to improve stability and reduce heat generation. 3D-CTDM ( Comprehensive Tire Design Method ) is advanced tire design technology that enables dynamic, three-dimensional simulations of tire performance at all lean angles. Compares to Dunlop Qualifier, Michelin Pilot Power, Pirelli Diablo, Metzeler Sportec M-3.


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