Bridgestone - Battlax BT020 Tire

Vendor: Bridgestone
SKU: K-11254

Sale price$170.00


Superior performance
Excellent handling, outstanding stability, superior comfort…the Battlax BT-020 gives you the best of both worlds to push the boundaries of sport touring performance.

Genuine stability
Your bike places huge demands on your tyres. It is no accident that the Battlax BT-020 is up to the task, built to ensure real sports handling despite the payload of larger touring machines.

Accurate response
Feel the joy of smooth, steady and balanced handling characteristics at every turn. The Battlax BT-020 delivers the accuracy you need for effortless cornering.

Outstanding grip
Advanced tread patterns, high-tech construction and excellent shock-absorbing characteristics maximise grip and contact feel, whatever the conditions


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