Enduro Tech Dual .5 Husqvarna FE/TE Light kit 2017+

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For the DUAL.5 light we have been able to generate two distinct light patterns with different angles from one light at the same time. Thanks to this solution, we obtain diffused light (FLOOD) in LOW mode and long-range light (SPOT) in HI mode from a single DUAL.5 reflector.

Thanks to engineered light and lens designs, the DUAL.5 light in the LOW: 2200 lumens at 22W mode illuminates the sides and immediate front and allows driving on public roads in fog while not blinding oncoming vehicles. HI mode: 5500 lumens at 44W adds long distance spot beams while keeping the low beam pattern at the same time. At 44W, this light consumes less energy than the original light bulb while outperforming it by a factor of 10x

These light kits are produced in Europe and are available exclusively from TripleClamp Moto in North America. Available with blue or black train