Fastway - Spark Arrestor End Cap for KTM, HUSQ & Husaberg

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The best power gain for the least money in moto is right here with the PMB End Cap.

Fastway by Pro Moto Billet’s Spark Arrestor is a fully billet CNC machined 6061 billet aluminum end cap with a U.S.F.S. spark arrestor..

Installation is super straight forward and simple, you'll need just regular shop tools and a drill.

The stock muffler outlet port on a KTM EXC is 28mm! Sit with that for a second. A 500cc bike with a 28mm outlet port?! But the inter muffler pass through pipe is 42.5mm.

So if you want an end cap that's also got a 42.5mm outlet port then the PMB cap is here to save the day. We see a 4-9% power boost with these installed - of course with fueling sorted out, and we highly recommend the Dobeck EJK which we also offer and support.

Also offered separately is a silencer insert witch scrubs the bark by up to 8db's over the unmuffled unit.

*May require fuel tuning on certain bikes. Call us if you have any questions.

**Please observe sound restrictions in your riding area and be a responsible rider.

**May or may not be emissions legal in your state. It's your responsibility to ensure you comply with all local and federal requirements for your motorcycle and it's use.

**Installing this end cap WILL effect the fueling of your machine and this will need to be accounted for with jetting changes or EFI tuning.



  • 19+ HUSQVARNA FC 250-450
  • 19+ HUSQVARNA FX 350
  • 19+ KTM SXF / XCF 250-450
  • 20+ KTM 250-500 EXC-F / XCF-W
  • 20+ HUSQVARNA FE, FEs 250-501


  • 17-18 Husqvarna FC 250
  • 17-19 Husqvarna FE 250-350-450-501


  • 14-16 Husqvarna FC / FE 250-350-450-501
  • 14-19 KTM EXCF / XCF-W / XC-W 250-350-450-500
  • 14-18 KTM SX-F / XC-F / EXC-F 250-450


  • 12-14 Husaberg FE 250-350-501
  • 14-15 Husqvarna FC 350-450 *requires modification of inner core
  • 11-13 KTM SX-F 250-350-450 *350 models require modification
  • 12-14 KTM EXC / XC-W / XCF-W / SXF 250-500
  • 12-13 KTM XC-F 250-350-450 *350 models require modification
  • 12-13 KTM XCF-W 250-350
  • 12-13 KTM XC-W 450-500
  • 09-11 Husaberg FE / FX 390-570
  • 08-11 KTM EXC / XC-W 400-450-530
  • 07-10 KTM SX-F 250-450-505
  • 08-09 KTM XC-F 450-505
  • 07-07 KTM XC-F / XCF-W 250
  • 08-11 KTM XCF-W 250

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