HDPE Engine Covers for KTM 790/890, All Years

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Tripleclamp Moto has designed its HDPE clutch and stator covers to protect your engine's side cases from big crashes in rocky terrain. They are a cost-effective solution to avoiding day-ending mishaps on the trail or road -- and also a great way to refresh your old scraped and worn engine side covers.

HDPE (high density polyethylene) is the ideal material for these bolt-ons, as it provides impact AND abrasion resistance against sharp and blunt impacts, while dispersing impact energy to prevent your OEM Husqvarna and KTM cast aluminum clutch and stator covers from piercing or breakage.

Don't confuse ours with the more expensive but inferior designs of ABS plastic covers on the market.

Our covers are 3mm-4mm thick and include stainless steel bolt inserts and correct length bolts to ensure a good fit, a tight seal, and no loose covers or oil drips. Our competitors don't use these inserts, and expect you torque bolts into naked plastic. That's a recipe for disaster, because it's impossible to achieve the correct bolt torque. We spent many months in design and real-world testing on these, and are very proud of the outcome.

We ship you a set of covers to shield clutch and stator (generator) cases. Just install them over your bike's existing covers using our supplied correct-sized bolts.

Guaranteed for life, and to satisfy the hardest of core out there!

Please note that these engine covers are made of impact and abrasion resistant materials and may appear to have an inconsistent finish and overall look. The priority and focus of these covers is to provide the utmost protective function and so the insides may appear rough, the outsides may have fine marks or similar and the bolt spacers may appear roughed in. This is the nature of the material and the manufacturing process and in no way do any of these subjective blemishes affect the covers’ ability to protect your engine cases from abrasion and minor impacts.

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