HeadStraight for the KTM 790

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KTM did it again - they produced the fantastic 790 Adventure but used the same method for attaching a very heavy headlight assembly onto small and weak frame posts that are breaking already.

TripleClamp Moto introduces the only product on the market that offers the following:

- Reinforces the headlight mount posts to mitigate frame breakage with TWO bolts fixing it to the frame of the bike, preventing it from rotation around its mount point.

- Easy installation without removing any panels on your 790. no need to remove the fuel tank either. 

- Made from extremely strong and rustproof stainless steel

- Includes all hardware 

- Designed to work in unison with the KTM headlight steel tubes on your bike

- Cost effective

- Fits all models of the 790 adventure: S, R and Rally R

Don’t wait for your headlight frame posts to break. Scroll through the product photos to see these broken posts on 790s - not just the ones ridden hard offroad, the mass of the headlight has a pendulum affect on these posts. They fatigue and ultimately break right off. This is the same problem that has plagued the KTM 1090/1190/1290 bikes since 2013.

100% compatible with any steering damper kit, 100% compatible with any GPS mount, 100% compatible with all frame and engine guards, 100% guaranteed for life!

 Patent pending exclusive design to TripleClamp Moto Inc.