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  • Designed to make the job of repairing, replacing and adding cross chains easier and simpler.
  • Engineered exclusively for cold weather usage and have features that make it both durable and functional in harsh winter environments.
  • Ergonomically designed handgrips made of lightweight, non-toxic thermo plasticized rubber (TPR); resistant to weather, ozone and many chemicals.
  • The TPR material is durable and is easy to grip, even with gloves on, because it is formulated to remain flexible, even at low temperatures.
  • The pliers are constructed of rugged forged steel, coated with a thick layer of corrosion-resistant paint.
  • The design enables the user to easily open chain connectors with the pliers’ rear jaw and to close them again with its front jaw.

    Weight only 4 kg
    The device measures 83 cm

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