ErzBURGER: KTM 950 Super Enduro Headlight Bracket insert only

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Take your 950SE down the path best lit

Bottom line: The stock KTM 950SE incandescent headlight doesn’t light up a trail at night enough to ride with confidence. One solution is externally mounted auxiliary lights. But they still leave you with a substandard main headlight. Plus, externals have their own problems, like more weight and possibly bending or busting in a fall. Wouldn’t it be better, we wondered, to retrofit an ultra-powerful light pack right into the existing SE headlamp’s housing? And make it as easy as falling off a log to install?


Enter the ErzBURGER

It's a two-piece 3-D printed bracket solution we've designed and made to hold the Baja Designs XL series light. The ErzBURGER name is our nod to the great race to where the SE's roots trace back.


Why we chose the XL series lights

We experimented with different lights until we settled on Baja Designs' ultra-penetrating XL series dimmable LED light for our solution, the ErzBURGER light bracket. In return, Baja Designs is kindly producing three special models of their XL lineup -- just to fit the ErzBURGER. These come in 1,800, 4,900 or 9,500 lumen versions to suit different needs and budgets.

TripleClamp Moto now an official Baja Designs distributor

This means you can now order three versions of the ErzBURGER upgrade direct from TripleClamp Moto:

Package 1: Classic ErzBURGER bracket kit (incl. 2-piece bracket, small marker bulb and 4 screws)

Package 2: The ErzBURGER bracket kit as above, plus your choice of the three Baja Designs lights - 1,800, 4,900 or 9,500 lumen

Package 3: Everything included Package 2 shipped fully assembled inside a brand new OEM light housing for plug & play replacement of your entire stock light setup.