Mitas - Terra Force-MX Sand Motocross Competition Tire

Vendor: Mitas
SKU: K-354537

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Red Stripe: Motocross competition tire. Developed in cooperation with many professional motocross riders on different tracks.
  • TERRA FORCE-MX SAND is a motocross tyre for use in deep sand and mud.
  • The rear tyre has a hybrid design for loose terrain and sandy track conditions.
  • A semi-paddle construction and wide row spacing ensure maximum clearing, even in the stickiest mud or sand.
  • The hybrid design incorporates large centre lugs that provide traction of a paddle tyre, and an aggressive layout of side lugs for the cornering ability of a traditionally soft terrain tyre.
  • The outer block profiles provide superior traction on sand or muddy terrain.
  • The front tyre features a scooped centre tread pattern that acts like a paddle to evacuate sand and deliver traction.
  • A sharp paddle design with a reinforced shoulder supports hard landing after jumping and breaking.
  • There are sharp knobs in the central tread pattern of the front tyre for extended tread life.


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