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Scott's damper (or sometimes wrongly referred to as dampener) with your choice of linkage arm.

What is a Scotts Steering Stabilizer?

It is a compact, fully adjustable, hydraulic shock absorbing damper, that mounts to the steering head area right above or under the handlebar. It helps control the natural tendency of the “left to right” front end movements known as “head shake” on a motorcycle.


  1. Stabilizing the front end means more precise steering.
  2. Eliminates or significantly reduces that sudden "thrust-effect” of having the handlebars pulled from your hands after unknowingly hitting something unforeseen like rocks, tree roots, rain ruts and potholes.
  3. Helps to minimize rider fatigue and the dreaded “arm-pump” situation that occurs while wrestling the front end of your bike, especially in rougher terrain and specially on sand.
  4. It dramatically reduces the unwanted phenomenon known as "Head-shake" that is commonly found on ALL off-road production motorcycles and especially predominant on road bikes. On the pavement once you let off the throttle and the front end dives, that “wobble” sensation from increased head angles is reduced by installing the damper on your bike. This is more predominant now a-days due to the steeper head angles you find on production bikes.
  5. It helps keep your motorcycle going straight in the whoops, reduces head shake approaching turns, and smoothest out those rough sections by preventing those handlebar wrenching jolts.

Mounting Kits

In all cases a damper mount kit is required to install a Scotts damper on a motorcycle. The kits are vehicle specific and generally consist of a damper mount and a pin holder (a.k.a frame bracket) with a pin. The damper mount can be an above bar (top mount) or under the bar (sub mount) style. The pin holder and the pin become a fixed part on the frame of the bike that engage with the damper linkage arm.

The mounting kit is bike specific. TripleClamp Moto makes several different damper mount kits for various dual-sport motorcycles. We also sell a vast catalog of damper mounts made by Scotts and BRP. In all cased you can purchase the damper mount kit together with a damper from us meaning there is no need to purchase the Scotts damper separately.


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