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The Shoei Transitions CWR-1 Photochromic Shield is the perfect accessory for your Shoei Helmet. The Transitions Shield seamlessly adjusts the changing light to deliver the optimal tint level. This solves the age old problem of having to travel with both a clear and tinted shield. Bell has offered a Transitions Shield for their helmets for the past few seasons and they have proven to work well. On the surface this may seem like a lot of money for a replacement shield, trust us when we tell you it is worth EVERY PENNY!


Transitions® adaptive sunwear products have a range of light transmission levels, all optimized for the specific activity the product is designed for. Specifically, the SHOEI® Transitions® adaptive shield:

  • Non-activated - virtually clear
  • Activated - darken to a 15% light transmission level at 72 Fahrenheit and 23 Celsius
  • Full activation in two minutes
  • Fades to 50% transmission in two minutes
  • Like all Transitions® products, the visor blocks 100% of UV rays


SHOEI® Transitions® adaptive shields are designed to meet International Standards of Performance for driving.

  • Category as per ISO 8980-3 (Non-Activated - Category 0) (Activated - Category 3)
  • Traffic Signal recognition as per ISO 14889
  • 100% protection from UVA and UVB as per ISO 8980-3
  • 100% protection from UVA and UVB as per ANSI ZB0.3
  • Impact resistant as per US FDA Impact Resistant Regulation 21 CFR 801.410
  • Impact resistant as per ANSI Z87.1
  • Impact resistant as per ISO 14889 Section 5.2


SHOEI® Transitions® adaptive shields are designed to meet International Standards of Performance for driving. Like all photochromic products, temperature can cause fluctuation in performance. UV rays activate the photochromic molecules through a photochemical process - this makes the shield darken. The fade back reaction is actually driven by heat - so in extremely hot temperatures, the photochromic molecules are actually fading back while they are activating - this prevents the shield from fully darkening. Transitions® lens technology is the most advanced in the industry, and is the least temperature sensitive, but there will be some performance variables depending on the temperature.

Compatible with Shoei helmets:

  • RF-1200
  • RF-SR
  • X-14

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