TripleClamp Moto - Solid Triple Clamp Bushings for KTM 950/990

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Every time you drop the bike or even turn the bars in the mud, the stock rubber bushings "give" and as a result bars often go out of alignment. The thin metal sleeves in the bushings also deform over time. This was an old method of vibration dampening that didn't really work well and KTM stopped using it in more recent generations of bikes. There are far better ways to dampen vibration.

These solid aluminum bushings replace the four rubber bushings and their metal sleeves. They fit perfectly into the top and bottom of the top triple clamp, two on each side. The stock M10 bolt goes through them to fasten the handlebar clamp to the bike with the stock nylon lock nut.

There are four bushings include in the kit and you need to reuse the stock bolt and nut. No washer is needed.


  • Bike feels solid and firm; positive feedback from steering
  • The handlebar bolts won't easily twist if you drop the bike
  • No maintenance required
  • Hard anodized orange for longevity and sexy bling factor!

For dampening, we recommend a combination of Xtrig PHDS handlebar clamps and our steering damper bracket with a Scott's steering stabilizer.

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