Wheel Spacers in Stainless Steel for KTM 950/990/1090/1190/1290

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Promotiom runs through the end of June. Pre-production orders will ship mid-July at the latest.

Stainless steel replacement wheel spacers

Wheel spacer/bushing grooves, cuts and friction wear; these are the causes of premature bearing and seal failures we've all lived with. 

Why does this happen? Wheel spacers are made from soft aluminium to reduce cost. They develop grooves from the rotating grit and allow water into your precious wheel bearings, rusting the balls. Say no to dirty and worn balls:

  • stainless steel to outlast soft aluminium and avoid corrosion
  • precision machined and polished to perfection
  • direct replacement for the original spacers
  • guaranteed to outlast any original spacers
  • friends will be jealous, women will want you more 

We at Tripleclamp Moto like to keep our balls clean and shiny so we designed CNC machined wheel spacers from high-grade stainless steel.

Why? They're super hard and they help keep the water and muck out of your bearings. They look really cool and polished to perfection, they'll easily pay for themselves.

Don't confuse these beauties with cheap mild steel spacer rings made from recycled Datsuns. Our spacers are painstakingly made entirely in North America by us. Sold as a set for one complete bike; SKF "green" seals available as an option. Put an end to that vicious cycle of throwing your money at spacers that won't last. 

Say no to dirty balls.