TripleClamp Moto - Scotts Steering Damper Kit for KTM 1290 Super Adventure R/S 2021+

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Due to high demands for Scotts Steering Dampers and production delays at Scotts manufacturing plant, if your order includes a Scotts Steering Damper, there may be a delay of 1 to 3 weeks in shipping your package. We receive weekly shipments of dampers from Scotts and fulfill orders on a first come first serve basis.


Easy to install steering damper mount kit designed to fit a Scotts Steering damper on your KTM 1290 SAR / SAS 2021+


  • All Stainless-Steel hardware
  • Billet aluminum damper mount
  • Stainless Steel pin holder parts
  • Only +20mm of handlebar raise ( additional rise is possible with our Riser Blocks)
  • Four different options for the handlebar position
  • Easy to install

Damper Mount options (Wide vs.. Standard)

Stock (factory) handle bar clamps on your KTM are 90mm apart. Our standard damper mount bracket is exactly the same. This means after installing the damper mount under the handlebar, the clamps stay at the positions, making the kit compatible with any other after market top mount bracket that relays on the on the stock handlebar clamps.

Our Wide damper mount (aka Version 2.0 damper mount), was designed to accommodate XTRIG PHDS vibration dampening handlebar clamps. It has a wider grip of 108mm on the handlebar which makes room for the larger PHDS handlebar clamps. The best part is that this bracket is fully compatible with the stock handlebar clamps making it a good option for those who may want to install the PHDS clamps in the future.

Damper Link-Arm

This kit uses Stepped +8mm damper link-arm which is included in the kit. Arm remover/puller tool is available here if you need to replace the arm on your steering damper.

When you purchase a full kit from us, we will install the arm on the damper before shipping.

Damper Model (Off-road vs Road)

Scotts steering damper is available in Off-road and Road versions. All our damper mount kits are compatible with both. Both damper have the exact same outside form factors, the only difference is in the internal components. We will ship an off-road damper unless you specifically ask for a Road model. Should you need a Road damper please contact us after placing your order or leave us a note with your order at the check-out.

We highly recommend the offroad model for all dual-sport motorcycles. The Road model is best for racing on the track. The most important difference between the two is that the Road model, dampens to and away from the centre while Offroad model mostly dampens the steering away from the center.

What's wrong with the stock damper?

Nothing is wrong with the stock damper. In short, it is just not enough. The main short coming is that it NOT adjustable. Adjustability of the steering damper is critical for a especially for a dual-sport motorcycle where the bike is ridden in extremely different environment. Riding on muddy trails or sand, gravel or pavement, fast or slow all demand a different level of dampening for your steering damper. Scotts damper lets you change the dampening force by a few click on the fly. It also has separate low-speed and high-speed dampening which is where it really shines. In majority of cases you only change the low-speed dampening as you ride by a few clicks at a time as you ride to find the perfect level.


  • KTM 1290 Super Adventure R 2021+
  • KTM 1290 Super Adventure S 2021+

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