Wera Tools - 352 Ball End Screwdriver for Hexagon Socket Screws

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The basic idea for the prototype of the Kraftform handle - that the hand should dictate the design - has, right through to today, proved to be correct. In cooperation with the internationally recognised Fraunhofer IAO Institute, Wera developed a screwdriver handle designed to match the shape of the human hand as long ago as the 1960s. After a long development phase, the Wera Kraftform handle was launched to the market in 1968. It has been optimised through the years with new technologies, but has kept its proven shape. After all, the human hand has not changed either.


Ball Tip

The spherical drive profile means that it is possible to swivel the axis of the tool to that of the screw, and therefore enable angled, "around-the-corner" screwdriving jobs.

Rapid Hand Repositioning

The hard materials used for the handle ensure rapid hand repositioning without any danger of the skin "sticking" to the handle. The surrounding hard zones with large diameters glide like wheels across the hand.

Large Contact Area

The large contact area - with particularly high friction to the soft zones - results in high torque transfer without any bruising from the edges.

Wera Black Point Tip

The Wera Black Point tip and a refined hardening process ensure long service life of the tip, improved corrosion protection and an exact fit.

Non-Roll Feature

The hexagonal non-roll feature prevents any rolling away at the workplace.

"Take it Easy" Tool Finder

Screwdrivers with "Take it easy" tool finder: colour coding according to profile and size stamp.


  • Application: Hexagon socket screws
  • Blade: Hexagonal
  • Design: Ball end hexagon, chrome-plated, Black Point
  • Handle: Kraftform with non-roll feature, multi-component, sizes W/F 12.0, W/F 1/2": Kraftform with non-roll feature, single-component. Take it easy tool finder: colour coding according to profile (blue = hexagon) and size stamp.
  • Hexagonal ballpoint screwdriver
  • Multi-component Kraftform handle for fast and ergonomic screwdriving
  • Take it easy tool finder: colour coding according to profile and size
  • Hexagonal blade and ballpoint for secure working even in difficult installation situations
  • The Wera Black Point tip offers an exact fit and optimum corrosion protection

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