HeadStraight and steering damper kit for the KTM 1050/1090/1190/1290

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TripleClamp Moto is highly proud to introduce the world’s only correct solution for the common headlight mount post breaking issue on all KTM 1050/1090/1190/1190/1290 Adventure models. It doubles as a steering damper mount as well.

We have painstakingly designed this kit to be 100% bolt on WITHOUT taking any of your KTM front end apart. We have also designed this kit to support a Scotts steering damper;  no more broken headlight mounts and no need to drill or clamp into the trellis frame for mounting the Scotts damper

  • The ONLY two in one!
  • True reinforcement for all 4 mounting points of headlight assembly on the frame. 
    • These mount points are known to break under normal use, not just off road riding
    • When these mount points break, they need to be welded or a complete new bike frame required
    • KTM has replaced numerous frames for bikes still under warranty but are not honouring any of these broken mount points for bikes ridden off road or out of warranty 
  • Mounts the industry leading Scotts steering damper on your original KTM triple clamp
  • the damper bracket offers minimal rise and four different handlebar positions
  • No need to drill the frame like our competitors who only provide the steering damper and don’t have the headlight reinforcement 
  • No need to disassemble anything to install apart from the tank plastic trim!!!
  • may be purchased in three phases: everything is designed to be modular
  1. HeadStraight only - provides the only solution to truly reinforce the headlight mount points
  2. Add a Tripleclamp Moto damper mount kit: perfect amount of rise and total adjustability: allows you to reuse an existing Scotts damper from another bike 
  3. HeadStraight PLUS the TripleClamp Moto damper mounting kit PLUS a brand new Scotts steering damper - the only complete solution available 

This modular configuration allows you to purchase the HeadStraight at first and upgrade it with the TripleClamp Moto damper mount kit and add your own Scotts damper or purchase a new Scotts damper from us.  To be clear - if you are planning to use your own Scotts damper with this kit, you must use the specific Scotts flat damper arm with +5 stamped on it  no other damper arm will be compatible. We can supply you with the correct arm if you choose.

No one else produces a bolt on kit that provides all this functionality and safety - and no one provides a 100% bolt on solution without taking anything apart. 100% made in North America and 100% guaranteed for life. 

kits for 1190(R) and early model 1290 SA / SAT are currently out of stock. But we are taking limited number of orders that will ship in early May. If you place your order today we can guarantee you will receive a kit. All other kits for 1090R and 1290 SAR, are in stock.